Expedite formation of panel on Madigas: PM Modi to cabinet secretary

November 25,2023

Days after promising reservation for Madigas, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday asked Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba and other senior officials to expedite the formation of a committee for sub-categorisation in Scheduled Caste reservation for the community, mainly belonging to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

“The PM had a meeting with cabinet secretary Rajiv Gauba and other officials from the relevant departments asking them to expedite the formation of the committee,” a government source said.

During a poll rally on November 14 at Secunderabad in poll-bound Telangana, the PM had said that the Centre will soon form a committee to address Madiga community’s demand for sub-categorisation of Scheduled Castes. The rally was organised by the Madiga Reservation Porata Samithi (MRPS), a community organisation of Madigas, one of the biggest constituents of SCs in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Modi said BJP has been with the Madiga community in its every struggle for the past three decades.

On November 18, Home Minister Amit Shah had a meeting with over a 1000 Madiga representatives in Secunderabad. Sources said the minister reiterated the PM’s commitment to initiate the sub-categorisation process.

Later, MRPS founder Manda Krishna Madiga called upon various Madiga organisations to work for the victory of BJP in November 30 Telangana assembly elections.

In a letter addressed to various Madigas organisations, Krishna Madiga said Congress had done injustice to them on the demand for sub-categorisation of SC reservation. Congress when in power at the Centre failed to pass a legislation for SC categorisation and during the last 10 years did not extend its support to the demand, he alleged.

“We have been treated with great injustice under Congress rule. It has not spoken a single word in Parliament about SC classification in the last ten years,” he said.

The Madiga community constitutes at least 50% of the total Scheduled Castes in Telangana, with the 2011 census putting the total SCs at a little over 15% of the population of the state. For years, the Madiga community has said the benefits of reservation under the SC category have been cornered by the Mala community, with the Madigas being left out.

Since 1994, the community has been struggling for sub-categorisation, first though the Madiga Dandora movement, and later with MRPS. Several commissions have been set up to review these demands, including under Justice P. Ramachandra Raju in 1996, and later under Justice Usha Mehra in 2007, both of whom said ways and means could be found for sub-categorisation.