'… Getting Voice For 1st Time': PM Modi At Inaugural Session of 2nd Voice of Global South Summit

November 17,2023

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday led the inaugural session of the second ‘Voice of Global South Summit’. The second edition of the summit is being hosted by India in a virtual format, which is focused on challenges posed by various global developments and ways to ensure a more inclusive world order.

The virtual summit has been structured into 10 sessions that would cover various key areas, such as trade, energy, and climate finance.

Addressing the session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi noted that though geographically, the Global South has always existed, it is getting a voice for the first time and this is because of the joint efforts.

“We are more than 100 countries but our priorities are similar. Last year, during the G20 Summit, our attempt was to focus on the development, of the people, by the people, and for the people,” he said.

“We organised Voice of Global South for the first time in January…In more than two hundred G20 meetings held in different states of India, we gave prominence to the priorities of the Global South. As a result, the topics of the Global South were included in the New Delhi Leaders Declaration and we were successful in getting everyone’s consent. I cannot forget that historic moment when because of India’s efforts, the African Union got permanent membership of the G20,” he added.

Urging the Global South to unite, the Prime Minister listed the new challenges emerging from the events in the West Asia region.

“India has condemned the terrorist attack in Israel on October 7. We have exercised restraint as well. We have given emphasis on dialogue and diplomacy. We also strongly condemn the deaths of civilians in the conflict between Israel and Hamas. After talking to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, we have also sent humanitarian aid to the people of Palestine. This is the time when the countries of the Global South should unite for the greater global good,” he said.

He further stressed that India believes that new technology should not widen the gap between the Global North and the Global South.

“During the times of Artificial Intelligence, it is important that technology should be used responsibly. To further promote this, next month, India will organise the ArtificiaI Global Partnership Summit.” PM Modi said.

The inaugural and concluding sessions are being hosted at the level of head of state and government and are being presided over by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The theme of the inaugural session is “Together, for Everyone’s Growth, with Everyone’s Trust” and that of the Concluding session will be “Global South: Together for One Future”.

India hosted the first edition of the Voice of Global South summit under the theme of “unity of voice, unity of purpose” on January 12 and 13. This unique initiative had brought together 125 countries of the Global South and they had shared their perspectives and priorities at the summit.