'Don't feel down, GG': Shah Rukh Khan tells Gautam Gambhir, KKR mentor's reaction is worth a million dollars

April 18,2024

Shah Rukh Khan was the perfect mood-lifter for Kolkata Knight Riders after his team lost to Rajasthan Royals in an absolute banger of an IPL contest on Tuesday. In a high-scoring game that saw almost 450 runs scored, the Royals clinched a last-ball thriller to win by two wickets and consolidate their position at the top of the points table. KKR enjoyed the upper hand for 90 percent of the match, but the remaining 10 percent belonged to Jos Buttler, whose century overshadowed Sunil Narine's first ever in T20s and robbed Knight Riders of what would have been a classic win.

After the game, KKR's spirits were lifted by none other than SRK, who charmed the dressing room with his post-match speech, urging everyone, including mentor Gautam Gambhir not to lose heart.

"Honestly, it's a very proud day. The way we played; all of us. I won't take individual names; that's been taken. Don't feel down GG. We would all bounce back. It's God's plan for today, as Rinku says. I think this is what we would like them to do. We'll be back with more and better god's plan. Thank you everyone and may God bless all," Shah Rukh said.

Shah Rukh's speech was a throwback to his 'Chak de India' days. The King of Bollywood, SRK dwelled on the positives, explaining the brutal nature of sports. You win some, you lose some; and last evening at the Eden Gardens, Shah Rukh insisted that even though KKR didn't deserve to lose, the defeat came amid a fight.

KKR, after posting 223/5 on the back of a sublime century by Narine, had managed to choke RR. In fact, at the 15-over mark, RR were 145/6, with KKR sensing another win. But standing between them and a place at the top of the table was Buttler, who switched gears efficiently. From a 36-ball fifty, Buttler scored the next 50 runs off 19 balls, racing to a 55-ball century. His assault in the last five overs took the skin off KKR and ensured RR's position wasn't jeopardised.

Shah Rukh lifted the morale of the team like only he could, explaining how good the team has been and highlighted the need to utilise the energy with which the guys have been playing. Despite the defeat, KKR are placed second with 8 points, with a run-rate superior to Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad

"There are days in our lives, in sports especially, when we don't deserve to lose. And there are also days when we don't deserve to win. But days are like that. Today we didn't deserve to lose. All of us played extremely well. We have to be very, very proud of ourselves. Please don't feel sad or down. Feel as happy as we feel whenever we come to the change room. We are on a high, so maintain the high. The main thing is the energy in all of us. And I think we have great energy on the field. We have lovely energy here; personally, also everybody is bonding together. So please continue. All the best," SRK said.