Adah Sharma says 'I started isolating from people and I was traumatized' while doing 'The Kerala Story'

February 09,2024

Adah Sharma starrer ‘The Kerala Story,’ directed by Sudipto Sen, is now gearing up for its OTT release on February 16 2024. In a recent interview, Adah shared how she felt while playing the character in ‘The Kerala Story’ and shared the reason behind choosing such a controversial topic.

In a chat with News18, Adah called it her decision to become the voice of so many girls. The great responses from the audience made her feel like she has done justice to the film, and it fills her heart.

While talking about the preparation to excel in the character properly, she said that she used to watch videos of girls in ISIS camps in Syria obsessively on YouTube. Moreover, she started reading extensively about terrorist organizations. Some disturbing and haunting videos of women and children being transported in tankers were also some of the reference materials for her. Watching and reading all these traumatized her and gave her a lot of sleepless nights. She started isolating from people more than she was and even started spending a lot of time alone now.

Adah Sharma is gearing up for her next project ‘Bastar,’ in which she plays the role of a tough cop fighting a war. The actress is not at all scared of being typecast in the future, but she feels fortunate that filmmakers have the intelligence to offer her different roles in different genres. She will also be seen in the OTT show ‘Sunflower Season 2’ as a bold bar dancer. She said that the character is the opposite of the victim Shalini.

‘The Kerala Story’ grossed Rs 280 crore in India. The movie suggested thousands of Kerala women were susceptible to terrorism. Originally citing 32,000 women influenced by Islamic fundamentalists, it revised down to three amid controversy, questioning the accuracy and portrayal of the issue.