Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Corridor: Railways Minister Shares Progress Video As Project Completes 100km Of Viaducts Over 6 Rivers

November 25,2023

The Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Corridor has achieved a major milestone with the completion of 100 kilometres of viaducts. The project marked the achievement following the launch of a 40-metre-long full span box girders and segmental girders.

The Full Span Launching Technique (FSLM) played a pivotal role, making the construction process 10 times faster than conventional Span by Span methods used in metro viaducts.

“This acceleration in progress allowed for the completion of the first kilometre within six months, reaching 50 kilometres in just 10 months, and ultimately achieving the 100-kilometre mark in a total of 16 months,” an official said.

“The viaducts include bridges spanning six rivers in Gujarat: Par, Purna, Mindhola, Ambika, Auranga and Venganiya. Additionally, the completion of 250 kilometres of pier work underscores the comprehensive advancement of the project,” he said.

Railways Minister Shares Progress Video

Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw on Thursday shared a video showing the progress of the ongoing 'Bullet Train' project. "Progress of Bullet Train project: Till date: 21.11.2023Pillars: 251.40 KmElevated super-structure: 103.24 Km," the union minister said in a post on X.

Noteworthy developments include the initiation of noise barrier installation on the constructed viaduct. Furthermore, the corridor is pioneering the use of the Japanese Shinkansen’s Reinforced Concrete (RC) track bed system, specifically the J-slab ballastless track, marking a first-of-its-kind implementation in India.

According to National High Speed Rail Corporation, the project has also achieved breakthroughs in tunnelling, completing a 350-metre mountain tunnel in Valsad district, Gujarat. Surat district witnessed the erection of the first steel bridge, measuring 70 metres in length, laying the foundation for the subsequent 27 steel bridges integral to the corridor.