April 04,2023

Nagpur : The alliance & partnership between Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur, and South Asian Liver Institute , has given new hope for LIVER CANCER Patients in the Vidarbha region. A patient previously told that no options exists for cure was reviewed by Prof Dr Tom Cherian & Team in Dec 2022. With careful re-evaluation & advanced surgical expertise the Team carried out a complex operation in Wockhardt Hospital Nagpur, to remove the cancer completely. Now nearly 1 month after surgery, the patient & family can hope to lead a normal life with a survival close to anyone else of his age.


Mr Anil Patil was first diagnosed to have a Liver cancer nearly 2 years ago. He then visited several hospitals for treatment and despite even travelling to Hyderabad, the doctors could find no option that would CURE the patient. He was therefore repeated given chemotherapeutic treatment which was only going to prolong survival by a few months. However at the advice of a friend, Mr AP decided to visit Prof Dr Tom Cherian in Dec 2022, who carefully re-evaluatd the whole history & all previous investigations. Thanks to to his experience with Transplantation in London and in Hyderabad, Prof Cherian suggested to the family that with a slightly complex operation there was a possibility that he could remove the cancer completely which could potentially allow a complete CURE for the patient. True to his word, the operation was carried out as planned and Mr AP was discharged approximately 10 days afterwards, with a histology report confirming that the cancer was indeed out with no cancer left inside. This heart warming story is a significant step in medical care in the Vidarbha region, giving new hope to hundreds of liver patients here.


Prof. Dr. Tom Cherian, Senior Liver Specialist & Transplant Surgeon, and the Founder of South Asian Liver Institute, commented on the occasion “ I am happy for the patient that surgery went well & that God was with us. However I wish to point out that the importance of this case goes beyond just one patient. This case showcases several important aspects of LIVER CANCER that we need to be aware of. One, With the advanced skills that we have now acquired thanks to working in Liver transplantation several cancers that were previously thought inoperable can be made operable. Two, it highlights that awareness on the new technologies available now is very poor in our population. Three, this case shows the clear difference between surgery which can cure versus chemotherapy which can only prolong survival in Liver cancer. Four, this case once again points out the the care of Lliver patients are likely to be better in centres which perform all aspects of liver care from medications to transplantation”.


Prof Dr Tom Cherian was careful to point out that Chemotherapy is a good treatment option. But it is ESSENTIAL to understand that WHENEVER possible chemotherapy MUST be used along WITH SURGERY so that a CURE can be achieved.


Mr Abhinandan, Head of Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur had this to say.. “We are proud to be associated with such wonderful people and proud of our Liver Surgery programme and the difference it is bringing to people’s lives, but it would not have been possible without perfect coordination between our nurses, surgeons, anaesthetists, & critical care consultants. I am hoping that we will be able to serve many more such patients in Vidharba”.