Man strangles pregnant wife on suspicion

April 20,2021

 Suspicion drove a man to strangle his wife to death in front of their six-year-old daughter in Bhawanpur area.

The victim, Meenakshi Singh, 28, was seven months pregnant and was staying with her parents.

Her husband, Gajraj Singh, was also staying with her.

The incident took place over the weekend and after the couple quarrelled over something, Gajraj allegedly strangled her.

Other members of the family were out for work when the incident took place.

According to her family, Gajraj was Meenakshi's second husband. They had married two years ago and the daughter was from her first marriage.

Police claimed that Gajraj suspected that his wife was involved with another man.

"We have arrested him from his residence in T.P. Nagar area. He was suspicious that his wife was having an affair but could not say what was the basis of his suspicion," said the police spokesman.