Korean films are better than Bollywood and I hate the term 'Bollywood", says veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah

May 15,2024

Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah expressed his candid views on the current state of Bollywood films at a recent event in Mumbai. He emphasised that Korean films are better than Bollywood films and criticised the term 'Bollywood' itself.

Naseeruddin Shah argued that while Indian food is gaining global recognition due to its substance and quality, Bollywood films lack these attributes. He predicted that the popularity of Hindi films is a temporary bubble that will eventually burst because they are created with ulterior motives and lack genuine substance.

"Korean films are better than Bollywood films, and we keep claiming that the whole world is watching Bollywood films. First of all, I hate the word 'Bollywood'. Just like Indian food is gaining fame worldwide due to its inherent qualities, Bollywood films are said to be gaining fame. However, I guarantee that this bubble will burst one day because these films lack substance and are made with motives everyone is aware of."

Naseeruddin Shah's remarks suggest a strong disapproval of the commercial motivations driving Bollywood, contrasting it with the artistic integrity he sees in Korean cinema. He implies that Bollywood's focus on marketability over meaningful content will ultimately lead to its downfall.