Sunidhi Chauhan opens up about being ‘shamed’ for divorce at 19: ‘My parents were my support system’

September 18,2023

Sunidhi Chauhan has been singing since the age of 11. (Photo: Instagram/sunidhichauhan5)

Sunidhi Chauhan believes that you'd see love all around if you believe in its power. The Bollywood star singer opened up about her first marriage, which ended in a divorce. She added that it did not make her cynical about love. Sunidhi also mentioned that not everyone swims through it as effortlessly as her, and thanked her parents for being her support system.

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Sunidhi Chauhan was asked about the mistakes she made in life. The singer answered by saying how she has even made some 'blunders' but she's thankful as that way she wasn't deprived of good things. "Otherwise I would have been boring," she chuckled. The "Sheila Ki Jawaani" singer said that while she is out of the marriage, the experience helped her turn into a better person.

For the unversed, the "Mehboob mere" singer married Bobby Khan at the age of 18. After a year, the two separated in 2003, citing they wanted different things in life. Sunidhi then tied the knot with music composer Hitesh Sonik in 2012. They welcomed their first child in January 2018 and named him Tegh.

Sunidhi Chauhan had recently shared a photo with son Tegh Sonik on social media. (Photo: Sunidhi Chauhan/Instagram)

She further opened up about how women are often shamed when they decide to step out of a marriage. The singer said that while she did not go through any extreme or ugly situation in her marriage, she was shamed in a 'small way' like most women. "Times are changing, and only people who are stuck in that time speak like this. A lot is changing and I now look at only the brighter side of it."

Sunidhi Chauhan on giving love another chance

Referring to her new single "Tum Kehte Ho", the singer thanked God for making her a strong person, who could take on all issues in life. "I have looked at all problems through a different perspective. It doesn't really bother me. For others' they should have people around them. As for me, my parents were my support system."

She also mentioned how the failed relationship did not change her outlook towards love. Stating that it might sound cliche, Sunidhi Chauhan added that she believes that if you feel love, it will be around you. The singer added that she's a huge fan of Novak Djokovic, and heard him talk about how one picks themselves up after a low is the most important thing.

"Everyone goes through a hard time. And it's okay to feel sad and depressed. But how long are you staying in it is important. You cannot be like that [for a long time]. You have to pick yourself up. You have to have an out-of-body experience, see yourself and not pity but ask 'What are you doing?' The other person has already moved on. You need to pick yourself out of it. I think you, yourself, are your biggest friend," she added.