ISR Activity organized by DAIMSR at Deaf and Dumb School, Saoner

September 21,2022

Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies & Research strives to play a vital role in the social cause and is always cautious about the contribution to the society by motivating the students to help the underprivileged persons and be sensitive towards their problems. "DAIMSR with an aim of social cause organized an ISR activity of "Donating grains, pulses and vegetables" at Deaf and Dumb Residential School, Saoner. The activity was organized under the able guidance and supervision of Dr. Monika Jain, Head of Department, BCCA. Faculties in-charge Prof. Vaishnavi Jichkar & Prof. Neha Mittal helped the students in collecting the food grains, pulses and vegetables and creating awareness among the students about this activity. BCCA students also contributed to the noble cause by donating grains and vegetables in bulk amount. Around 100 kg of wheat, 100 kg of rice and 30 kg of vegetables was collected. On 17 Sep 2022, the activity was conducted between 1pm to 5pm. During the activity the faculties and students interacted with specially-abled students and understood how speech therapy and sign language were used for communication by them. School organized a felicitation program for faculties and college students in which grains, pulses and vegetables were donated to the school. Later faculties and students shared their experience about visiting the school. At the end of the program the students sang national anthem in sign language and imparted a proud feeling to each and every one present there. The overall overwhelming participation and enthusiasm ensured that such activities should be undertaken regularly on other occasions as well to help such schools and organizations.