Modi Credits ‘Clouds’ for Balakot Strike, Twitter Does Its Thing

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on the receiving end of trolling on Saturday, 11 May, as people took to social media over his unusual logic in an interview to News Nation, while discussing the Balakot air strikes. In the interview, when quizzed about what was on his mind when he gave the orders for the air strikes, PM Modi said, “It was raining heavily that night and at around 12 midnight, a thought about the strike crossed my mind”.

"“Experts were thinking if we should carry out the airstrikes some other day due to bad weather. But I said, there’s so much cloud cover, it’s raining... there’s a benefit. Maybe we can escape their radar. This was my raw wisdom, I said there could be a benefit. [...] Ultimately I said, there’s cloud cover, please go ahead. ”" - Prime Minister Narendra Modi to News Nation

This was tweeted from the official BJP and BJP Gujarat handles, but has since been deleted.

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