Phase 6 of LS Polls: Protests Against BJP’s Bharati Ghosh in WB

The locals in West Bengal’s Ghatal constituency protested against BJP candidate Bharati Ghosh at the polling station on Sunday, 12 May, as reported by ANI. Sixty constituencies spread across eight states will be voting in the sixth phase of the Lok Sabha elections on Sunday, 12 May.

The voters will be casting their ballots in the following states: Bihar (8 parliamentary constituencies), Delhi (7), Haryana (10), Jharkhand (4), Uttar Pradesh (14) and West Bengal (8), Madhya Pradesh (8), Tripura (1).

  • A total of 979 candidates across constituencies are in the fray
  • At least 189 out of 967 candidates have criminal cases against them
  • There are at least 311 candidates (32%) with assets worth Rs 1 crore or more

60 Constituencies in 8 States Will Vote on 12 May

Locals Protest Against BJP's Bharati Ghosh in Ghatal

Locals protest against BJP candidate Bharati Ghosh during her visit to polling booth in Ghatal, as reported by ANI.

Jharkhand Elections: 12.45% Voting Till 9 AM


West Bengal Elections: 6.58% Voting Till 9 AM



Uttar Pradesh Elections: 6.86% Voting Till 9 AM


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