Traffic police now ready to work in a different way

As per the instructions issued by Commissioner of Police(CP),  Dr Bhushankumar Upadhyay and Deputy Commissioner Police (DCP) of Traffic, Gajanan Rajmane the city police will now guard the city’s streets without traditional white uniform and from now onwards the cops have provisions to conduct traffic jumping action even when they are not wearing their uniform.
This action is beneficial in many ways as it will actually help the officers to identify more people who don't follow the traffic rules and just change the route when see any traffic officer.
Talking about the aim of this decision is to keep an eye on people jumping signals so that officers will just stop them and will fine them.
As it is really common that many people jump signals even when the timers at traffic signals hit zero. Jumping signals can result in accidents and therefore this initiative is taken to avoid this jumping of signals by traffic violators.
As part of the drive, while Nagpur cops will fine traffic violators around the city, violators, who escape the eyes of the cops, will be fined by taking help from CCTV cameras installed at different signals in the city.
Talking about, 2nd July, 162 traffic violators, who jumped signals in different parts of the city were fined by the traffic police.


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