Royal Society of Chemistry Scientific Events enthralls Nagpur Students

Nagpur : Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) West India Section in coordination with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Nagpur Regional Centre organized Two Days Scientific Events at Nagpur recently. Events were organized at various Academic Institutes of Nagpur and Experts from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) Mumbai addressed the Students and explained them the latest developments on various scientific issues. First Day Sessions are held at Department of Chemistry, RTM Nagpur University. The Workshop was inaugurated by Prof Vinayak Deshpande, Pro Vice Chancellor of RTM Nagpur University. In his Inaugural address he emphasized the need for Innovation in every field of Life. He expressed hope that the RSC Workshop will help students to understand Clean Energy concepts. Prof Jyotsna Meshram, Head of Department of Chemistry, RTM Nagpur University welcomed the gathering and briefly explained the achievements of the Department. Dr P Sivaswaroop, Regional Director of IGNOU Nagpur Regional Centre explained the Objectives of the workshop and the RSC activities in Nagpur for the last 8 years. He said that RSC West India Section and IGNOU Nagpur Regional Centre have conducted various Scientific activities in places like Gadchiroli, Gondia also. In the Technical session, Prof. Deepa Khushalani from TIFR,

Mumbal discussed on the Topic “Need for Green Sources of Energy – How to deal with Pollution and energy requirements simultaneously”. She explained the Chemistry behind clean energy and the molecules in this process. Our youngsters are good in their Subject, but poor in communicating their knowledge. It lags them in starting and progressing in their chosen career. Focusing on this Theme, in the Second Session, she talked on “What are the skills needed for a Lucrative career – Effective Science Communication.” She explained what communication skills are required to achieve a Career in Science and also the essential requirements for a Research Publication. Students interacted extensively with the Expert and clarified their doubts. Faculty and Chemistry Students from RTM Nagpur University, different Colleges and IGNOU attended the Programme.  This year (2019) is declared by United Nations Organisation (UNO) as “International Year of the Periodic Table (IYPT)”. It is celebrated across the Globe through various activities. Second Day activity is commemorating IYPT. Prof Arnab Chakraborty, Chair of Science Popularisation and Public Outreach at TIFR, Mumbai addressed two different Groups of students.

Around 500 School Children are addressed at Saraswati Vidyalaya and PG Students at Departments of Chemistry at RTM Nagpur University and VNIT. His presentation started with a small quiz to students like, which Element name is not originated from a Country name among Francium, Germanium, Indium. Students are surprised to know that it s Indium, which originated from Indigo Plant, but not from India. He said that Scientists tried to arrange Elements neatly into Periods and Groups. Today we know 118 Elements and he gave Historical Journey of Evolution of Periodic Table. It is stated that not only Chemistry, but other subjects like Astronomy, Nuclear Physics also contributed significantly to understand Elements that the Universe is made up of. He said that Helium was first detected in Sun, rather than on Earth. He concluded that even though Periodic Table is seen in every Chemistry Lab, but it is not a symbol of Chemistry, but one of the Great Unifiers of Science .

Another interesting facet of these talks is that Prof Arnab brought the physical samples of several Rare Elements like Gd, Ru, Pd and Lu etc. Many Students and even Senior Chemists get rare opportunity to see the Elements physically in their basic form, as they see their Symbols only in a Periodic Table. Students enthusiastically participated in all the activities and clarified their doubts.  On the whole, the Two days have helped the students of Nagpur, Dr P  Sivaswaroop opined, to develop new ideas about some Chemistry Topics.

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