Mentally ill person causes trouble in Medical square

An incident happened on Monday shocked everyone when an mentally ill person took control of a Police Patrol Van at Medical square. This incident took place at around 6pm.

Reportedly, A patrol Van of Ajni police reached Medical square in the evening. After parking the Van in the side of the road, Policemen came out to keep close watch on the crowd. While coming out, driver left the key near the steering of the Van. After going a few metres away, police heard the starting sound of their Van and saw the smokes that the silencer was emitting. Noticing this policemen rushed towards their van and saw a person sitting on the driving seat. Fortunately, the person just started the van but was not able to change the gears therefore a big mishap was averted. Policemen pulled the person from the driving seat and dragged him out.

Seeing this crowd gathered there and someone from the crowd told the policemen that the person was mentally ill. Police wanted to take action against him but after being informed about his mental condition, they let him off.

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