VPACON 2024 - A Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health & wellbeing

June 19,2024

Nagpur : Psychiatric Society Nagpur & The Vidarbha Psychiatric Association (VPA) successfully hosted VPACON 2024 on June 15 and 16. This landmark event brought together distinguished professionals, educators, and stakeholders to discuss and address critical issues surrounding child protection, mental health, and work-life balance for medical practitioners.

On the first day, the conference commenced with a session on the "Art of De-prescribing in Psychiatry" by Dr. Shreyas Pendharkar. The session focused on the importance of safely reducing or stopping medications that are no longer needed, emphasizing a patient-centered approach in psychiatry. Dr. Shekhar Seshadri followed with an interactive workshop on "Life Skills Methodologies in Child and Adolescent Mental Health," highlighting effective techniques for imparting life skills to enhance mental resilience in youth.

Dr. Taru Jindal’s session on "Decoding Vaginismus" shared valuable insights from women who have overcome the condition, providing practical guidance for healthcare providers. Dr. Avinash Desousa addressed the crucial topic of suicide prevention, emphasizing awareness and early detection. The day's sessions also included Dr. Alka Subramanyam's discussion on the future of geriatric psychiatry and Dr. Dharav Shah's strategies for achieving long-term abstinence.

Dr. Salim Mujawar explored the legal aspects of psychiatric practice in his session. The day concluded with a musical night and banquet, providing a relaxed setting for networking and reflection.

The second day began with a session by Dr. Nilesh Shah on the "Legalization of Commercial Sex Work," exploring the potential benefits and challenges of this complex issue. The inauguration ceremony featured Chief Guest Dr. Laxmikant Rathi and Guests of Honour Dr. Bharat Vatwani and Dr. Shekhar Seshadri. Dr. Vatwani’s session highlighted the importance of empathy and compassion in reaching out to the mentally ill homeless population.

Dr. Sandeep Grover discussed the identification and management of toxidromes, essential for emergency medical care, followed by Dr. Praveer Waradkar’s exploration of the intersection of spirituality and psychiatry. The event featured engaging undergraduate and postgraduate quizzes, encouraging interactive learning among participants.

VPACON 2024 concluded with a valedictory function, celebrating the event's success and the collaborative spirit of the attendees. Dr. Shekhar Seshadri’s additional sessions on child protection and the art and science of parenting provided further valuable insights.

Overall, VPACON 2024 provided a comprehensive platform for discussing and addressing critical issues in psychiatry and mental health, underscoring the collective responsibility of medical professionals, educators, and stakeholders in building a safe and supportive environment for all.