Bestu Varas is a time for new beginnings, family time & meeting friends: Celebs

November 14,2023

While they don’t get to be home every time on Bestu Varas (Gujarati New Year), celebs make sure that they make the most of whatever time they get on this day. For some, it will be work mode on, while others will be lucky to spend the day with their loved ones. Here’s taking a look at their plans today:

I will be busy with shoots: Manav Gohil

I will be busy with shoots today and I really miss celebrating this day in my hometown (Vadodara). As a kid, I would look forward to Gujarati New Year because after seeking blessings from elders, mujhe paise milte thay! It’s only later that I realised the cultural significance of this day. It’s also a day that gives me the opportunity to call up and reconnect with people who aren’t in touch otherwise. I used to love homemade sweets and cholafali prepared by my mom. I wouldn’t mind overeating on this day. This is also a time for new beginnings. This year, I have identified something that I need to work on to grow as an actor and person.


I look forward to our family lunch: Mira Erda

I really look forward to the Gujarati New Year because our relatives in Vadodara come home and we have lunch together. Usually, we don’t have any races on this day but this time, I will be travelling to Coimbatore as I have a race on Wednesday. But I will make sure to attend a puja at my dad’s office in the morning before I leave. I also love to meet my close friends in the evening. I have some fond childhood memories associated with the celebrations because my cousins, who live in Australia and Canada, would travel to Vadodara and we loved spending this day together. I love eating homemade mathiya and if I am at home, I help my mom in preparing it.

I will spend time with my family and meet friends: Priyank Panchal

During the last couple of years, I had matches and so, I had to be away from my family on Gujarati New Year. This year, I am looking forward to spending time with them and I will also meet my friends. I will seek blessings from elders in the morning. As a cricketer, I need to be very careful about my diet, but I love eating homemade mathiya. I also love dressing up in traditional outfits on this day. As a kid, I used to burst firecrackers but now, I avoid it because I know it harms the environment.