'Are you sleeping! Why there...', Sharad Pawar slams THIS minister over Maharashtra political crisis

June 24,2022

Was there no news to the intelligence about the divisions created within Shiv Sena? Ncp Chief Sharad Pawar questioned why the State's Home Department and intelligence Department did not get any information even though a group of MLAs left Maharashtra and went to Gujarat. Pawar has slammed the State's Home Minister and his own party leader Dilip Walse Patil in this regard. He also posed the same question to his party's State President Jayant Patil. 

Home Minister Dilip Walse Patil belonged to the NCP. Minister of State for Home Shambhuraj Desai was from Shiv Sena. He is also one of the rebel Minister MLA. So what kept Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray completely in the dark about the situation in the state. And what was the State's Home Minister doing at the time. Sharad Pawar asks, did the CMO not have any information about the fact that a top Shiv Sena leader (Eknath Shinde), along with three ministers, left Mumbai with more than two dozen MLAs and went to Surat on Monday? 

According to sources, Home Minister Dilip Walse Patil and State Party President Jayant Patil met Pawar at his residence in Mumbai on Wednesday to resolve the political crisis in Maharashtra. In a meeting with the party leader and the Ministers, Pawar reportedly expressed his displeasure over the intelligence failure. An NCP source said Pawar was very upset. He expressed his anger to the party leaders and ministers. He also wondered why the state's intelligence department could not warn the government about the rebellion. 

According to sources, Sharad Pawar blamed the entire Maha Vikas Aghadhi leadership for not knowing about the Shiv Sena's rebellion. Whether the leaders were sleeping or panicked, he asked.