SkillEnable offers scholarships up to Rs 1 lakh to encourage students in Data Science

May 13,2022

Employability-based tech academy, SkillEnable, has announced it will be providing scholarships up to Rs 1 lakh per student in FY 2022 to encourage young minds to pursue data science as their career path.

The scholarships will be allocated to as many as 500 students from across the country.

SkillEnable has set up a merit-based selection process to identify a student’s strong aptitude for data science, which will make them eligible for the scholarship.

Students can attempt the scholarship eligibility test soon after the admission process.

The scholarships can be availed for SkillEnable’s Deep Dive in Data Science, AI and ML courses, according to an official statement.

Nirpeksh Kumbhat, Founder, SkillEnable, said, “The prime focus of the academy is to enhance employment opportunities for eligible and talented candidates. SkillEnable provides its students with job-relevant skill set training, networking skills, interview practice and other employability enhancing tools”.