Manoj Bajpayee slams Rs 1000 crore films after success of RRR and KGF 2 – ‘Koi baat hi nahi kar raha hai ki film kaisi hai?’

May 12,2022

The Family Man actor Manoj Bajpayee is one person who is known to speak his mind. He's a phenomenal actor who is rocking the OTT space after the popularity of The Family Man and The Family Man 2. Now in an interview with Puja Talwar, he took a dig at 1000 crore films. He said that no one really concerned about how a film and everyone is talking about just numbers.

Said the actor, "Koi baat hi nahi kar raha hai ki film kaisi hai? Koi baat karne ko raazi nahi hai performances kaesi hai. Baki departments ki kya contribution hai? Kya hai na hum sab 1000 crore aur 300 crore aur 400 crore mein phasein huye hai. Yeh jhagda kaayi saalon se chal raha hai aur mujhe lagta hai ki yeh khatam hone wala hai nahi (No one wants to talk about the film or the performances or contribution of the other departments. We are all stuck in collections of 1000 crore, 400 crore and 300 crore. This debate has been going on for a long time and I don't think it will end)."

He went on to say, "Now critics are saying 'Why don't you make films like them? Why is your film not working?' It's been asked to those in the mainstream. Those in the mainstream are being put in the witness box by their own mainstream critics." The actor added that he was never a part of that world. He said that he used to go sometimes to that world for some reason but would come back again.

The actor stated, "For us getting our film released in theatres was tough before. Now it gets tougher due to the 1000 crore films. OTT has been a boon." He also said that OTT was a boon for actors like him and for so many other talents, so many other faculties. "It's heart-warming to see all of them busy and consumed by OTT and such amazing work that they are doing," stated the actor.