Members of JCI Nagfeme celebrated valentine's day

February 15,2021

On this event  JC. Dr. Swati sarda ZD program has graced the event as a chief guest and JC. Dharini Selarka National Trainer was the judge. JC. Kunjal shah president of JCI Nagfeme 2021 has chaired the event and conveyed the message to spread love and humanity amongst the members and  society. Dr. Swati conveyed that not only human required the love but we have to extend our love for nature and animals. JC. 

Dharini has thrown the light on, why we need only one day to express our love? Every day should be valentine's day. Program director JC. Rupali Tichkule prepared lots of games and valentine Queen contest for members. Enthusiastic team of junior Jaycees were participated and enjoyed a lot. Jr.jc. President Tanisha and secretary Ujjali, Past chairperson namya and mahima has  expressed their views with DR. Swati on current social problem and how they wanted to help society to get the sustainable solution. Jr.jc. president Tanisha and secretary Ujjali.. 

JC. Sneha won the title of JCI Nagfeme queen, JC. Ranjita has won crown for her  best answer, and JC. Bhavana won the title of best walk. IPP JC Smita chouriya and Past president JC.Varsha Singh Chandel and JC. Zoya Lokhandwala graced the event. JC. Nirali prepared entertaining games and delicious food for all.