Bakra Eid : 5 Mutton Dishes No Eid Celebration is Complete Without

  •  Bakra Eid : 5 Mutton Dishes No Eid Celebration is Complete Without
    Bakra Eid : 5 Mutton Dishes No Eid Celebration is Complete Without
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Eid-ul-Adha 2017 will be celebrated is being celebrated across India. The day is dedicated to the great sacrifice made to the Prophet by his devotee signifying his great faith and devotion to the almighty. The significance of this festival lies in the sacrifice of an animal which is then feasted upon after dividing it into three parts; one part is gifted to the friends and relatives, another part is given to the poor and needy people and the last part is retained in the family. Delicious delicacies are prepared to commemorate this day and celebrate Prophet Mohammed's sacrifice for God. So, if you are preparing a grand meal for Bakra Eid this year, here's all the help you need. We have enlisted some amazing mutton dishes that your family and friends will totally love.

1. Mutton Biryani : You just can't do without the quintessential mutton biryani. Fragrant basmati rice with mutton marinated in yogurt and traditional spices and cooked overnight is sheer happiness served on a platter.

2. Chapli Kebab
Chapli kebab, which is believed to have originated in Peshawar, is popularly prepared during Bakra Eid. It is prepared with marinated mutton along with other ingredients like eggs, wheat flour, herbs and traditional spices. These aromatic, tender and spicy kebabs are the perfect bet for making your festive platter tasty.

3. Mutton Paya
Mutton paya is a dish made with goat trotters prepared in spicy gravy cooked overnight. The combination of mutton and aromatic spices will leave you asking for more. Best eaten with naan, roti or dosa, this dish is the perfect delicacy to celebrate with.

4. Ghosht Haleem
Ghosht Haleem is a mutton stew prepared with an unusual mix of wheat or barley, minced mutton and lentils. The dish is cooked on slow-fire for about 7-8 hours, resulting in a paste-like consistency, blending the flavour of spices and other ingredients only to make you fall in love with it.

7. Mutton Chops
A mutton rib is one of the most flavourful parts of goat meat and is often used to make delicious appetizers. So, if you are worried about what snacks to serve your guests, try these mutton chops.

With all these delicacies, you can prepare a grand meal that everyone will love and celebrate with a lot of good food.

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