7 Delicious Food Spots in Nagpur

  • 7 Delicious Food Spots in Nagpur
    7 Delicious Food Spots in Nagpur
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  • Tarri Poha
    Tarri Poha
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Just like its central location, Nagpur is blend of different food combinations from almost all states. For food lovers, Nagpur has numerous cuisines and varieties of taste available. If you are newbie’s to Nagpur, you must step out and experience the vibrant street food culture. Said by Paul Prudhomme, “You don't need a silver fork to eat good food” typically suits for famous street vendors (“Thelas”) in Nagpur.
Nagpur is paradise of magical recipes. Let’s tour to twist your tongue with some tasty bites:

#Tarri Poha

Hot & spicy Tarri Poha is one of the most admired breakfasts in Nagpur. Especially In morning hours we see this ’tappris’ in every gallies of Nagpur. But the best place to have it is Kasturchand Park ka Poha. Famous as 'KP ki Tapri'!! For more than 40 years he served the excellent taste and filled many empty stomachs. A delicious plate of Poha with tarri poured on it garnished with finely chopped onions, squeeze of lime & piece of tomato is just out of world!!

#Patodiwala's Joint

Savored 'Spicy Patodi with unlimited Kadhi' at Patodiwala's joint is the best treat for spicy food lover. Almost 40years old vendor at Nagpur Tehsil office is famous for his magical Patodi. This is typical varadi dish which is extremely delicious, attracts customers from different walks of life. The aroma of Patodi drags you here.


Samosa is most favorite pastime snacks for youngsters. You will find many hot joints for tempting samosa in Nagpur. But no can bit the crowd of sanjays samosa at Tiranga Chowk & Pawan samosewala Near Bada Hanuman Mandir, Telankhedi.  Vibrant combination of Tangy tamarind chutney and a sprinkle of finely chopped fresh coriander served along with samosa create magical effect in mouth. Just like khao aur kho jao.


Almost everyone enjoys Biryani. I can bet you that no one can deny yummy plate of Babbu’s briyani at Sadar Galaxy. Mostly non-vegetarian enjoyed it a lot. The hotel was established in 1965. This is famous destination to taste variety of delicious birayani‘s. The aromatic flavored basmati rice blended in spices and masalas can attract anyone. Serve in Covered earthen pot brings delicious taste to it.

#Pani puri

In any city of Maharashtra the chat centers is most famous destination. So how could Nagpur left without imprints of khatta-meetha golgappa. The unique and magical taste of it makes popular. The hot joints for this in Nagpur are Tuhi Nirankar Swadisht Panipuri Outside Traffic Park, Kapur-Z Dilli Chaat at Futala Lake, Bombay Chat Center - Pani puri Paradise! at Pratap Nagar. Not only panipuri but other chat items served here can't get same taste anywhere else in the city.

#Nagpuri Saoji

The next cuisine in row is Nagpuri Saoji food. Nagpur will be incomplete without the saoji tadka. The innumerable places in Nagpur offering special saoji food but only few tastes can be long lasting.  Spicy & Tej gravy of Pintu Saoji & Saoji Jagdish Bhojnalaya makes crazy to many non vegetarian lovers.

#Santra Burfi

From spicy to tangy taste how could anyone forget the sweetness of orange burfi of Nagpur. The magical & delicious sweetness of santra burfiis not only limited to Nagpur but also famous in rest of India. The one & only one giant manufacturer of it is Haldiram. Santra burfi of here is made from fresh orange pulp topping with silver foil.


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